Making Staten Island & Bay Ridge More Affordable

Every utility rate is going up and people are overburdened, opening their wallets far too often. It’s time for residents to have someone who has a seat at the table to navigate government and raise revenue without raising taxes. Staten Island and Bay Ridge residents should not continue to carry the financial burden of the rest of the city. We need to create opportunities for first time home buyers and solve the issue of zombie properties across the City once and for all.

Helping Small Businesses

The cost of doing business is increasing everyday. We need to ensure that agencies are kept in check so that mom and pop stores are able to survive and flourish. It’s getting too difficult for these places to open and find success - we need to see an end to the rising rents and exorbitant fees on small business expenses.


Brandon has built a career on understanding government and how to cut through the red tape that makes it so difficult. He helped Juicy Lucy expand in 2020 to meet COVID-19 guidelines for drive-in movie theaters, helped countless restaurants navigate the stressful State Liquor Authority application process, and ensured neighbors were able to access unemployment benefits during the pandemic.


Brandon has a robust plan to lower rent for small business owners, streamline the process so that restaurants and bars can open quicker to invigorate the economy, and ensure that our community is at the top of the list for much needed capital investments. 

Creating Opportunities for Families

Regardless of age, our education system is broken. We need a champion who is ready to tackle the issues at all levels. Brandon will fight to expand the Excelsior Scholarship and ensure college affordability for the next generation so that more middle-class families can send their kids around the city and state for college. Brandon is also committed to standing up against proposed budget cuts to our CUNY system. Now is the time to be calling on the federal government to invest locally, not cut back.


To build our economy, we're going to build opportunities to keep people here in New York. Brandon is committed to creating jobs locally so that we can continue to have thriving small businesses and financial opportunities on both sides of the bridge — and whatever job you have, Brandon is going to fight for a way to get you there quicker.

Green Energy

Staten Island and Brooklyn should be leaders in energy moving forward. We can ensure that we are an example of the benefits of wind energy and natural gas programs not only in New York, but across the Eastern Seaboard. We need a leader who is ready to take bold action so that we can activate our ports, create jobs, and clean up the environment. That's why Brandon is one of the leading vocal supports of a Bi-Partisan plan called  the Arthur Kill Terminal Offshore Wind Project. With countless construction and permanent jobs, Brandon wants his neighbors to lead in job creation. 

Health Care

We need to ensure that health care costs are going down, especially post COVID. We're going to wipe out erroneous co-pays to make everyday life more affordable, but also focus on the long term. Brandon is dedicated to fighting to ensure that all front line and essential workers get Line of Duty benefits. Firefighters, EMTs and paramedics, police officers, nurses, doctors, transit workers, grocery store employees, pharmacists and everyone else putting themselves in harms way on the front lines.


Career politicians have made it too hard for doctors to see their patients and treat them properly. We're going to make sure that regulations reflect an updated New York Health system, and break down barriers put up by people on both side of the aisle.

Adaptive Reuse

Life will look different, and we must ensure our buildings do not turn vacant like a scene from a zombie thriller. We must turn our unused spaces into new classroom seats, hotels, and middle class housing. Brandon has a plan to put people to work across the City and State by ensuring when we invest, we invest in the middle class. From the people on the project, to the housing owners, school students, or hospital patients that will occupy the spaces after completion. 


39 Broadway, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10003